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Jerry was very helpful walking me through a difficult custody battle for my daughter. He was extremely knowledgeable in the law and was there when I had any questions proving counsel and guidance.  I am most grateful for his representation and highly recommend his services to anyone going through what I went through.  O.K.

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We had an issue with a contractor who was performing work at our home, including the construction of an addition.  We ran into several problems with the contractor, who had grown very hostile, and no work was being performed at my house.  Jerry was able to deal with the situation with the attorney for the contractor so that the situation resolved and the project was finished by another contractor.  Jerry’s knowledge of contract law is first rate and I am grateful for his assistance in this matter.  I highly recommend Jerry to anyone who needs legal assistance.

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I had a payment issue with a tenant at one of my properties.  Jerry moved quickly to eject the tenant from my property so I could prepare the property for future rental.  He also was able to garner a judgment against the tenant for damage done to the property.  I highly valued Jerry’s skill and advice.

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Jerry has represented me in a long custody dispute involving my daughter.  He has been with me every step of the way, providing the counsel I needed.  We recently prevailed at trial.  Jerry is very good at what he does, cannot thank him enough for his hard work and perseverance in protecting my daughter.

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I want to thank Jerry for representing me over the last several months. This has been the worst time of my life, being charged with a DUI.  Having his representation brought a tremendous feeling of peace to me. Jerry was always there when I had questions and I am very satisfied with his representation.  Despite the turmoil I felt at the beginning, now that the matter has concluded, I now feel confident that I can get on with my life.

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I was sued in my capacity as personal representative of my mother’s estate.  The purchaser of my mother’s home brought suit against the estate arising of the alleged concealment of defects in the home.  Jerry very aggressive in defending the lawsuit and his skill and knowledge of Maryland tort and contract law was exceptional.  He was able to get the matter dismissed before trial and even recovered attorney’s fees that the estate expended to defend the litigation.  I highly recommend Jerry and his firm.

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Jerry handled my divorce for me and a great job.  I cannot thank him enough.  The issues in the case were complex, involving custody, support and complicated property issues. Jerry was always there to answer my questions and his advice was valuable.  He got me a good result and I highly recommend him to anyone going through divorce.  

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